11.11 Shopping Festival with Christmas Gifts idea for Crystal Music Box Lover and More

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Enjoy the 11.11 Shopping Festival at Crystocraft.com! Up to 50% off with exclusive deals on these very special days from November 9th - 12th!

 As the year almost comes to an end before the holiday season in December, it is a perfect way to start for those who like to be prepared way in advance.  It is also a good chance to pamper yourself for the whole year of hard work.

Scroll on for 11 gift ideas any crystal lover would want for their Christmas!


1.Crystal Swan Music Box Mini

A swan symbolizes purity, loyalty, unity and love. This Crystocraft Crystal Swan Music Box Mini is made with excellent metal craftsmanship, set with two shimmering Swarovski crystals on the wings.

Song: Swan Lake

Crystal Swan Music Box Mini


2.Crystal Rose Figurine

Every woman deserves a rose, especially an everlasting Crystocraft Crystal Rose Figurine.

Crystal Rose Figurine


3.Hello Kitty Crystal Ball Pen

Nothing’s better than having this Crystocraft Hello Kitty Crystal Ball Pen White as your company for the long meetings and endless projects.

Hello Kitty Crystal Ball Pen

4.Zodiac Crystal Figurine

Zodiac Crystal Figurine

The Zodiac collection is crafted with sublime detailing. Each symbol is associated with colored gemstones and sparkling crystals, resonating the dreams and desires processed by each horoscope. Personalize it to make it special!


5.Chinese Zodiac Pig Crystal Figurine

This Crystocraft Chinese Zodiac Pig Crystal Figurine Gold is a perfect gift for the holiday season.   It brings you and your loved one good luck, prosperity and wealth for the Year of Pig in 2019.

Chinese Zodiac Pig Crystal Figurine

6.Crystal Snowflake Music Box

Shimmering with the refection of the SWAROVSKI crystals, the crystal snowflake music box brings you the warmest holiday season.

Song: What a wonderful world

Crystal Snowflake Music Box

7.Silver Star Charm Crystal Necklace

This Silver Star Charm Crystal Necklace is an excellent necklace that suits your everyday attire.

Silver Star Charm Crystal Necklace

8.Poinsettia Flower Crystal Figurine

Poinsettias are only available at Christmas when the poinsettia flower is in full bloom. But the Crystocraft Poinsettia Flower CrystalFigurine stays forever.

Poinsettia Flower Crystal Figurine


9. Lucky Horseshoe Crystal Figurine

This Lucky Horseshoe Crystal Figurine is the perfect gift to bring luck and fortune all year round.

Lucky Horseshoe Crystal Figurine

10.Spinning Crystal Ballerina Figurine

Every girl had imagined that she can be a ballerina, dancing with elegant posture. Crystocraft has captured the timeless romance in the sparkling Ballerina. The crystal tutu emanates dazzling splendour in spinning. The ballerina hovers and spins smoothly thanks to the magnetic design of the stand.

11. Crystal Eagle on Mountain Figurine

May you soar on eagle wings, high above the madness of the world. -Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Crystal Eagle on Mountain Figurine


Are you are READY for the

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